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Stephen Bradley’s “Runaways” EP – interview

Hello! Reviews and articles have started popping up regarding Stephen’s new EP, “Runaways”!



“After spending the last nineteen years with No Doubt, Stephen Bradley graces us with his solo project titled “RUNAWAYS”. This EP showcases the many abilities Bradley has as a musician and producer, as seen in the lead single also titled “RUNAWAYS”.

This track is released on Soundcloud, and you’ll definitely have to give it a listen. It starts off slow, but don’t let that scare you off. The instruments backing, including the horns Bradley plays, are highlighted with his production of his track. His classic sounding vocals give the track a personal and unique touch, as it blends the ages of the sounds. Jumping from electronica to deep smooth vocals isn’t always the easiest transition, but Bradley does it with ease.

The combination of soul and R&B with pop and electronic are what makes Bradley’s EP “RUNAWAYS” really stand out. We love the sound he’s working towards, and some fresh new solo material allows him to take a new turn as an artist – a truly unique journey watching artists go through is almost magical.

Known for his work with the trumpet, Bradley showcases it in this new track. Combining old time elements with newer technologies allow his music to appeal to all audiences. The great intro, incredible rhythm and iconic powerful vocals blend this track to be a great single that represents the EP and direction Bradley is taking as a whole.

From being an essential vocalist and trumpet player for No Doubt, touring with Gwen Stefani and playing with The Smashing Pumpkins, Bradley’s new solo direction allows him to be the focus of his work. This is where we can really see his talent shine through, which is so exciting for him as a musician and for us as an audience eager to see what he brings to the table. With so much experience with a variety of musicians, seeing how his past is going to influence his solo work is creative and artistic – just what we want in music!

It’s classic but it’s new. It’s creative and it’s fun. This track showcases raw talent being used, and we’re so excited to see the direction Bradley takes with it. Having created such a great and unique solo record that appeals to all audiences, we have no doubt he’ll maintain that timeless different sound and allow him o expand as an artist. Bradley is taking his talent and his passion and definitely making good use of it, as “RUNAWAYS” is a great listen.

You can check out Stephen Bradley’s new song “Runaways” here on Soundcloud – you’ll hear a little bit of everything in it put together in a smooth classic track. ” – by Heidi Holland

Stephen was also interviewed by The Vinyl District.

You can buy Runaways on Amazon or iTunes! Also, please “heart” the song Runaways on Hype Machine!

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