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Love 4 NxD

What does No Doubt mean to you? Why do you love them so much? What is it about the music they make that you can’t get enough of? How do they inspire you?…… Write about it here!

I thought this would be a fun section to add to the site. Kind of like a bunch of open “love letters” to No Doubt. To add your “love” to this section, just write something up, and e-mail it to me at with “love 4 NxD” in the subject. It can be as long or as short as you’d like. It can be a list of things you like about them, or an essay about them, whatever format you want to use. Be sure to include your first name or forum screen name so we’ll know who wrote it.  -Heather :D

From Vanessa – November 29, 2009

No Doubt means everything to me. I can still remember the first time I heard No Doubt. It was in 1997 and I was at a roller rink trying to skate and I heard Don’t Speak playing on the loud speakers. It was right then I fell in love with No Doubt. After that I bought the Tragic Kingdom CD and everyother CD they had and listened to them until I knew every single word. Now I own every single CD they have ever released.

On July 8, 2000 I saw No Doubt for the first time in concert for the Return Of Saturn tour. I was 17 yrs old. When they hit the stage and started to play, I almost cried. It was such an amazing moment for me. I didn’t know if that was going to be the last time I ever saw them. But luckily for me, that didn’t happen. I saw them again on June 13, 2004 for the Singles Tour and recently on July 11, 2009. Even though it had been a long time since No Doubt were on stage together, you wouldn’t have noticed it. They were fanstatic!!!!

No Doubt makes me happy and excited. I cannot wait to buy and listen to their next CD and go to their next tour. It’s seriously going to be AMAZING!

-Vanessa aka SimplyTragic

From Rebecca – June 1, 2009

No Doubt is such an amazing band. I have seen them live several times, and each time they have wowed me with their incredible enthusiasm and energy. I love how crazy Adrian is, and how he is completely fearless. There’s no other drummer who carries on the same antics as he does. Also, Gabe and Steve don’t get enough credit. Not only are they talented musicians, but when they come out and sing on “Hey Baby” they just seem like they are always having so much fun and the rest of us can’t help but have fun too. Tony and Tom are always so cool and seem totally down to earth, and Tom’s guitar solos, he is the best! And Gwen has so much style and charisma. I wish I had half as much fashion sense! No Doubt is such a fun, funky band, I know that any time I feel stressed or sad or upset, all I have to do is listen to Rocksteady and I am cheered up and ready for fun. I can’t wait to see them on this tour!

From Becky – June 1, 2009

I have always been a casual fan of No Doubt, ever since I heard the Tragic Kingdom album.  But it wasn’t until college that I really started to appreciate them as a band.  I had a roommate who was obsessed with the band and could and would tell you everything you needed to know about them, even if you didn’t ask.  She was the one who really showed me how great of a band No Doubt is.  I never realized how long of a history they had or how their sound has progressed over the years.  Even though my roommate was crazy for No Doubt, the thing that turned me into a mega fan was the Rocksteady album.  I have always loved different kinds of music, and the reggae feel of that album was a great and fun soundtrack to my years in college.  I don’t get to see my former roommate that often, but it will mean so much to us to see No Doubt in concert together again, just like we did several times during school.


From Catherine – May 30, 2009

No Doubt has shaped my life in so many ways it would be hard to put it all down on paper. I have been a fan since 1996 and have seen No Doubt a total of 7 times (will be 9 by the end of next month!). The music has gotten me through so many tough times in my life, where I felt there was really nothing worth living for, and I want to thank then for always being there for me, in good times and bad. Not only has No Doubt shaped me as a person mentally and emotionally, it has also helped to shape my career. Gwen’s fashion has always been an incredible inspiration to me, and led me to major in Fashion and Retail Management for my Bachelors Degree! In a few years I hope to be opening my boutique soon and I know I can thank my love of fashion to No Doubt for inspiring me! I always said to my friends growing up who would tease me about my love for the band by saying “some people have hobbies like playing soccer, or playing the violin, my hobby happens to be a band, and I wouldn’t change that for anything!” So, thank you No Doubt, for years of incredible happiness!

From Pam- May 30, 2009
No Doubt = Happiness

I’m a devoted fan because of the way everything about No Doubt makes
me feel- the music makes me happy, the style and bounce is pure energy
and fun and most importantly the band members are sincere and honest
people who love what they do.

From Spiderwebs and Just a Girl on MTV I was amazed and hooked- Gwen
is something special. I lived in NYC at the time of Tragic Kingdom and
I’ve always kicked myself for not knowing about them before and seeing
them at small shows in the city!

Now my nieces are in love. They are 10 and 12 and I’m taking them to
see No Doubt in Boston in June, it’s so exciting to be able to share
something that I love, and how much better is No Doubt than the teen
groups that most kids are into.

I’m a peer of the band, same age as Tom, and I have a lot of the same
influences. I grew up loving the Specials and the Clash and went to
hardcore shows like the Bad Brains (“Sailin On.) But its mainly things
like Gwen’s love of her “little lamb” that I identify with, Eric’s
work on my favorite show The Simpsons, his adorable Italian Greyhound,
the surfer foundation and charities the band supports and, back to the
music, the fun and feel good music from “Get On The Ball” “to Excuse
me Mr” to “Hella Good.”

Pure fun and happiness. Thanks No Doubt!

From Sean- May 29, 2009
My story began in 1995 when my cousin and I saw the film “Clueless” in the theatres. I instantly loved the movie and I remember one particular song when Cher (Alicia Silverstone) was arguing with her dad. The voice was very unique and seemed to have that oomph that definitely intrigued. Flash forward to October 1995, and my older brother Bryan is blasting a song with lyrics “‘Cause I’m just a girl, I’d rather not beeeee!!” and I ran in…”hey that’s the song from clueless!” Turns out my brother only liked that song and said I could keep the CD. Y’know, just a little, teeny, tiny CD called “TRAGIC KINGDOM” by some band called No Doubt. I immediately wondered who these people were? Who was Gwen “Stephanie” as I had first called her? Her image on the cover seemed to be like another “punk” “crude” Courtney Love type…I just hoped she wasn’t as obnoxious. Soon, I started hearing them more on KROQ and then finally I remember watching David Letterman and No Doubt happened to be on performing “Just A Girl.” Instantly I knew this was definitely a band I was going to loooooove. Soon after I caught them on some Spring Break show hosted by Jenny McCarthy performing “Just A Girl” once again! LOVE LOVE LOVE! I had finally found “my” band. The obsession started. My sister took me to my first concert at Universal Amphitheatre on November 1, 1996 and my second show on May 31, 1997 in my hometown and theirs: Anaheim!! 14 years later it’s amazing this tiny band from Anaheim has managed to survive and still be at the top of my list. I am honestly so very proud of them and how much they put their doubters (really, no pun) to rest…they are a band like no other. Some people couldn’t take their “changes” but it wouldn’t be No Doubt if there weren’t any changes. I loved the growing pains expressed on “Return of Saturn,” the party-all-the-time swagger of “Rock Steady,” the raw genius of “The Beacon Street Collection,” the fun, funk of the “Self-Titled,” the awesomeness of “Everything in Time,” and most importantly the most influential album of my life, “Tragic Kingdom.” I know it’s a rarity, but I also loved Gwen’s solo efforts as well. I’m not some “blind” fan, I can criticize and express disappointment with them at times but I really think they solo-era of Gwen Stefani was fun and shame on fans for telling her what to do in her own life. She had fun and, it seems, the rest of the world did too. Now having just gone 6 shows in one week on their 2009 tour, I am so very grateful that my favorite bang is back! I can’t wait to see what “inspiration” will be brought forth for the new album and I will forever support this band of great musicians…people, literally, from my own backyard. NO DOUBT!

From Sam- May 29, 2009
Why does no doubt mean to me? No doubt is something that has been in my life for well, my whole life. But what really makes them special to me is a picture i have from when i was around 1 year old just when no doubt came out with tragic kingdom. And in that picture i was sitting on a plane with my sister she had me sitting in a seat listening to tragic kingdom with a huge smile on my face, i would pretty much cry when that album wasn’t playing. I grew up listening to that album and didn’t find out the band’s name until around when i could read, growing up i would commonly mistake the band for random people. 15 years later and i still love the band, and cant live without them. They have been with me through out my life and i couldn’t imagine life without them.

From Nicole- May 28, 2009

Dear No Doubt,

How can I even begin to explain how awesome you are…everything from your music to your style to your stamina (lol) is a thing of wonder.  I have been a fan since I was a little kid in the tragic kingdom days but I didn’t become “obsessed” until I heard and saw the “New” video on mtv….that was it for me – I was hooked for life. Your music is full of such happiness (even with the sad lyrics sometimes) and life that it’s hard to not smile when I hear it come on. Please keep it going for years to come..I will always be here.

From Bethany- May 28, 2009

Dear No Doubt,

This is a letter to say thank you. Thank you for giving so much to your fans. Not only have you given us the gift of your music, but you consistently go out of your way to show us that we are important to you as well. Words can not express how much your music has meant to me throughout my life. I can identify with so many of your songs, nothing can compete with the feeling I get when I see you perform. You are by far my favorite band, I would rather be at a No Doubt concert than anywhere else. I can honestly say that the most incredible weekend of my life was when my friends and I drove 13 hours to New York City last month (April, 2009) to see the Today Show taping and your first two concerts. It was such an incredible experience to be among so many other fans, all sharing our love for your band. The two NJ concerts that followed were the best concerts I have ever gone to. I caught Adrian’s drumstick at the Bamboozle Festival and that has become one of my most cherished possessions. I am so excited to see you when you come to Michigan and Ohio this summer, and I look forward to being a fan for the rest of my life.

Much Love,


From Sandra- May 28, 2009

Recently in the No Doubt Fan Forum someone asked, “How would your life be different if there was no No Doubt?”. Personally, my life would be very different it there was no No Doubt. No Doubt has had a HUGE impact on my life. Growing up I was a very shy timid girl, it was in middle school when I first discovered No Doubt when I heard Just a Girl on the radio. Suddenly I felt empowered. I remember telling everyone about No Doubt and helping them become our graduating class’ favorite band:) Ever since then Ive been obsessed! No Doubt has helped to shape my identity. Through them I have developed a love of music and concerts. All the No Doubt concerts that I have attended have been amazing and seeing them live is one of the best feelings in the world. People know me as a no doubt fan and being a no doubt fan has helped me make new friends I would have never made if it weren’t for them.

I love No Doubt because they have helped to shape who I am but primarily for being themselves. They are friends and family and they extend that to their fans. Their music is amazing and unlike any others. I love how they are not defined by any genre and that=2 0they’re main goal is to have fun. Above all else what draws me to them is their honestly, they don’t pretend to be someone they are not and this carries on through their music. I love No Doubt and I am happy they are in my life.


From Kristen- May 27, 2009

It would perhaps be overstating it to say that No Doubt changed my life, but they have definitely provided a great soundtrack to it.  Before I found No Doubt, my musical interests were limited to what was passed down from older siblings and friends…mostly hair metal and NKOTB.  When “Just A Girl” and the other TK singles came out, I liked them well enough, but the transformation from casual fan to a die hard No Doubter didn’t happen until I saw them live.  Their concert in 1997 was my first, and I ended up there by accident when an acquaintance decided not to go because of the pouring rain.  Their energy at the show was unforgettable.  It lead me to investigate their history, and when I discovered their Beacon Street Collection album, it was over for me.  I was obsessed.  Not only did their old school ska music inspire me, but they also introduced me to a world of people.  No Doubt has the best fans in the world, and No Doubt knows it.  When I met Gwen several years ago, I thanked her for (at the time) 17 years of music, and her response was, “No, Thank you!  You give us this life.”  I can’t tell you if my life would have turned out differently if I had never heard No Doubt, but I can guarantee it would not have been as much fun.  So, thanks No Doubt!

panda,  kristen

From Tom- May 27, 2009

Ok, so first off, I’m 41 years old. I grew up in the 80’s and was a total metal head. Ozzy, Motley Crue, Guns and Roses, etc… In 2000 my wife begged me to get tickets to the Return of Saturn tour. I love her so I said sure, figuring it would be torture for an old school metal head like myself. It ended up being one of the best concerts I’ve ever seen. Gwen was climbing up a light pole, running around like a crazy person and the songs were awesome. I was blown away. That very week I went out and got my own cd’s for my car. I couldn’t stop listening to them.I’ve seen them on every tour since. Saw them back to back nights during the singles tour causing me to miss my son’s chorus concert. Bad daddy, but he forgave me. He knew I was No Doubt crazy. My favorite songs are the least popular ones. Suspension without Suspense and Hey You for example.I can’t wait to see them again. It’s been 5 long years and I need a fix.

From Laura- May 26, 2009
Dear No Doubt,

I first discovered you back in 1995. You were 1 of 3 bands who forever changed my life and were the beginning of a genre I have loved. It was back when I was first beginning to get into music. Everyone in my area listened to rap, hip hop, and so on. I would too just so I could see what everyone was talking about. It never moved me. I tried so hard to love what everyone else was loving at that second. Which was ALWAYS changing. It was never about the artist’s music quality, but more about what was hot at THAT moment.

I then began focusing my attention to rock/alternative stations and this is where I found the 3 bands that would change my music taste forever: Garbage, No Doubt and Bush. Looking back, it’s funny how all 3 bands are somehow linked together in one way or another! I absolutely loved that as a young girl, I finally had someone to look up too in both Gwen Stefani and Shirley Manson. Both leading females being 2 different people with qualities I loved in a person. Plus, the music was something I had never felt I heard before.

No Doubt was/is so playful and spunky. That’s just one of the many things I love about them. Even after all these years, it still seems to be fun for them. I look at many bands who I have liked perform after shooting to stardom and they just went into a mediocre state. It doesn’t look like a chore for No Doubt to get on that state. Everything is genuine.

I’ve met many famous people over the years, but No Doubt is group I have YET to meet. You see them on tv and listen to them on the radio. You even go to the concerts. You know they exist, but they don’t know YOU, as an individual, exists. This tour will be the second time I have seen No Doubt. Each day going by just makes me more and more excited. And I can’t wait to show them the love!


From Heather- May 25, 2009

For almost 15 years now I have been an enormously crazed ND fanatic—dressing up like Gwen for shows, dancing to their songs in high school, avidly following them on the No Doubt Community, and listening to their cds on an almost daily basis. I am so motivated and inspired by their music and Gwen’s lyrics. They just put it all out there and say, this is us, take it or leave it. They don’t try to be anything they’re not. I love that about them. I aspire to live my life in the way that they present themselves to their fans– bold, crazy, honest, fresh, raw, real, creative, generous, amazing! I love the way that they re-invent themselves with each new album. They never get stale or stuck in the same routine. I LOVE this band! AAH! They are my idols! Their energy and excitement is like no other band in the world, and I can’t wait to seem them again this summer!

From Amy- May 24, 2009

Once upon a time in 1995 I was home sick with mono during summer vacation!!! Bummer! It was the worst I had nothing to do and there was nothing much my parents would let me do. As I laid there napping on and off and heard the noises outside of all my friends playing in the sun. I turned to MTV (Back when MTV used to play music videos) and there they were “No Doubt” I had never heard of them before and i was just mesmerize! Here was this ska/rock sound that I had never heard before and was hooked! I just felt like I wanted to get up and dance. This was one of the first times I saw a woman as the “frontman” and she was breathtaking!! I have been a die hard fan ever since…taped everything on TV…saved all the magazine clippings and posters covered my walls like wallpaper. I would buy all the T-shirts I found and would dress like gwen and dream of being her…people would say why do you like them so much…don’t you think your going a little overboard…but I didn’t care I knew I loved the band and their music like crazy! Some of the main reasons being their original sound..they had their own sound and didn’t have to follow everyone else. Another reason being that they are always live, i have never heard them lip sync or anything fake like that which means alot to me believe it or not. Gwen and the boys write their own music too, which is also a main plus in my eyes. The lyrics are true and they have real meaning behind them and are from their own hearts and have helped me through alot of my own dealings in life and feelings that I have had and i have always been able to relate to them. and her voice to me is sometimes hypnotic. You also never hear bad and terrible things in the news about them..they are never on the front page news drunk driving, or overdosing, or getting arrested or crazy stuff like that. I always wanted to see them live ever since I can remember but my parents always told me that I was too young to go to their concert’s and as soon as I was old enough I saved my own money here and there and have now had the pleasure of seeing them about six times! and It has always been an awesome show and I have never gone home disappointed ..the energy and excitement of the shows has lasted from one time to the next. The one dream I would have is to be able to meet them..the closest i ever got was when i was outside after fake new years taping at MTV in NY city when gwen sang wind it up and she was holding Kingston and was walking out from the back door to her car..she walked by me …that was it..(lol) but it was cool. I feel even though i’m now 27 I still relate to the lyrics and get moved by their music and look forward to what is to come in the future from No Doubt. So, I can undoubtedly say….I Love No Doubt!


From Matt- May 23, 2009

Dear No Doubt,

It would be impossible to put into words how much your music has meant to me over the years. You have been my favorite band since I first heard Tragic Kingdom back when I was in middle school, you still are to this day and you always will be. I can pinpoint so many of your songs and think of different points in my life where I was really into that song and I have so many memories and moments in my life connected to each song. Your live shows are incredible, no other band that I have ever seen even compares. In high school, everyone knew me for liking No Doubt before they even knew my name – I wore a different ND shirt almost every day of the week. Your music has gotten me through so many situations from when I discovered it in middle school and even now that I am out of college. No matter how my life has changed in those years, your music has always been the main thing I was listening to. I know it may sound corny, but I can’t imagine what my life would have been like if I hadn’t had that music to get me through life for all of these years. Return of Saturn to this day is my all-time favorite record. There is no band that will ever compare to what your music has done for me and no matter how many times I see you play live, I will never ever get tired of it. Thank you for making such incredible music and putting on the best live shows around.



From Casey

To my dearest No Doubt,

Thank you for working so hard to give freakin’ awesome shows for your fans. You guys (and girl:) rock like no others. And that is what it’s all about. I’ve always liked the singles, but never had the privilege of realizing just how amazing all your music was. Then I saw you live in Portland on your Rock Steady tour. I was absolutely blown away. It was like we were the only thing that mattered to you guys. It just seemed like you were really there, ready to give us your all, just to make our night. Well, I’ll tell ya, it made my year. Since then, I have enjoyed getting to know your music. Every album, song for that matter, is unique and special, and I love your hard-to-define-ever-changing-sound. Keep doing what you’re doing, and making music that makes people feel good.

Lots of love,


Corvallis, Oregon


From Kelly

To my beloved No Doubt,

I remember the summer of 1996 when i turned 13 and began to watch MTV and you were there. Sure there was alot of other bands that were new to me then and i liked, but you stood out the most and have stayed with me since. Any time you were on tv or in a magazine, i was there to watch you grow as i did. It took me six long years till i finally got to see you perform live but it was all worth it. I had tickets to see you in 1997 at the blockbuster rockfest in fort worth texas, but my parents said i was too young and far away. I got tickets to see you in 2000 in houston on your return of saturn tour, but once again, i was too young and not experienced enough to drive in the mad 5’oclock traffic of houston. then, when you came out with rock steady, you came to austin and i finally saw you. i got gwen’s autograph before the show twice and took some pictures of here through a fence. Then, i was on the barrier directly in front of tom! during “simple kind of life”, i stretched out my arms to get tom’s attention and sang “and all i needed was a simple man, so i could be a wife” and he just smiled and shook his and mumbled something. then after the song, he came over and handed me the pick he was playing with! Handed ME the pick! Mind you, he had been just taking picks off his mic stand and flicking them into the audience without even playing them, but he choose me to hand me one he’d played with! Then during “excuse me mr”, i looked over at tony and got his attention and he smiled at me and nodded and i nodded back…i guess we both agreed it rocked! then, i looked over at stephen and he was look at me and we mouthed the chorus to each other! then at the end of the show, gwen came over and slapped my hand twice! You will never know what this meant to me. All my life people have given me crap for being me. I’ve always listened to what i wanted and didnt care what other people and no doubt has always been my favorite band, no matter what anyone said. Each no doubt album and song have a special memory and place in my heart that no one will ever take away from me. Tom, Adrian, Tony, Gwen, Stephen, and Gabe….you will always be my favorite band and i will always support you. If you ever need a helping hand, a place to sleep, a hand to shake, a shoulder to cry on, or any other random thing to do……..mostly a fan to listen, i’ll be there. The kingdom is still tragic. saturn is still returning. the rock is still steady. there is still NO DOUBT!


sir kelly of kyle

From Alyssa

My Dearest No Doubt,

Thank you for all you’ve done for me. I used to listen to my stepsisters Tragic Kingdom, Beacon Street, and Self-Titled CDs more than she did! You helped me through my parents divorce and my fathers…interesting (to say the least) girlfriends. Anyway, My best friend and I had wanted to start a band in 7th grade, I’m now a freshman in high school and I’ve been writing many songs. Unfortunately they don’t have a sound and we have no band name. I recently watched the “Deeper with No Doubt” TV special. As soon as it ended I felt a sudden surge of hope and realized that the band could be a success and that we just had to work. Unfortunately I had to stop playing my bass guitar (I’m now on lead vocals), but you’ve inspired me thus far and you will continue to forever.

<3Lotsa Love!<3


Shawano, Wisconsin


From Claudia

No Doubt are an awesome band and they put on awesome shows. I have loved No Doubt since the Tragic Kingdom days and I don’t really remember how it all started. I guess its just one of those things that click or something. I love everything they’ve done. I don’t know what it is about the music that I can’t get enough of, I can relate to some of the songs.

No Doubt 4ever


From Analise

Dear No Doubt,

When I sat down to write this little letter, I thought of all the things I wanted to tell you guys…about how much you changed my life, about how your music helped me through the toughest times in my life. I wanted to tell you about how your style of writing music has helped me formed my own in my own band, but somehow all the words that I come up with seem so overused and trite. So I guess that if I can say one thing to you, I wish to utter two simple words. Thank you. You’ll never know the extraordinary impact you’ve made on such an ordinary life.

Love always,


From Celi

No Doubt,

I just wanted to thank you so much for the awesome inspiration that you give me. I listen to your music and it just puts me in the best mood ever. I use Tragic Kingdom when I work out and listening to “You Can Do It” only pushes me to want to stay fit. I seen you twice in 2002 for your Rock Steady tour and both times I went with my boyfriend, the love of my life, and it was just the best experience for the both of us. The first time we seen you we were in the early process of dating, and Rock Steady was barely coming out. At that first concert, I realized that he was the one I wanted to be with. And the second time around, we were still a perfect fit. As time went by and for different stages of our relationship, any song from the Rock Steady album can fully explain how our relationship went. From all the insecurities that are “In My Head” to realizing that our love was “Rock Steady”, it only made us want to keep “Running” with eachother on our sides. Your music has changed my life in so many ways, it’s hard to explain. I laugh, smile, and cry everytime I hear your songs. The bond that you hold with eachother is so beautiful, that I’m so happy to have experienced No Doubt. I thank you so much for all you have done for me, and especially for bringing my boyfriend I closer than ever. Thank you No Doubt!
I love you,


From Roselyn

Hey No Doubt,

Like most of your fans, I want to thank you. Thank you for giving us so many amazing years. Thank you for sharing all of your talent with us. Thank you Gwen for being so open about your feelings, for pouring your heart into your writing. Thank you guys for making music that I can relate to. I love that your music makes me feel better when I’m done listening to it, most songs that people can relate to only makes them more depressed.

My favorite No Doubt song is Sunday Morning. And it’s because of a bad experience I went through a little over a year ago. My now ex best friend flaked out on me big time. She really hurt me, and I fell into a really bad depression. At the time I was going through a lot already with family, and I had just finished college and started a new “real adult job”. The funny thing is that the day I realized that she really wasn’t my friend was on a Sunday Morning.

I remember having heard Sunday Morning before, but it didn’t impact me until I went through this thing with her. Because it totally explained how I felt. Every morning I would blast Sunday Morning, and I would listen to it several times a day and sing along at the top of my lungs. And I can honestly tell you it made me feel better than I would’ve felt if I had lashed out at her. My mother, who doesn’t speak english, asked me what the song was saying, since I played it so much. And I translated the lyrics to Spanish for her. She loves the song too, and agrees that it really does explain what I went through. Especially the parasite part. Lol.

I saw you guys in concert in October of 2002, then again in February of 2003 under somewhat mircalous circumstances. I was unemployed at the time, and completely pennyless. On a Saturday, my ex best friend paid me back in full $150 she owed me. I hadn’t expected her to pay me back all at once. I was going to put the money towards bills, but then I went home and checked my e mail and saw that you guys were doing the Hammerstein ballroom show after the grammy’s. And I bought my tickets. That concert made my year. I’m still excited about it. It was amazing.

So thanks for everything. I’ll be seeing you again this june in Washington, DC. I can’t wait.


Roselyn (a.k.a. ChemicalFire on the No Doubt fan forum.)

From Martha

Que es no doubt para mi?

Porque los amo?

Porque adoro a Gwen?

Yo amo a Gwen Stefani y a todos los de no doubt porque son para mi un grupo muy bueno, la voz inconfundible de Gwen, y una gran inspiracion.

Gwen Stefani es una compositora, una verdadera escritora, y me da mucha inspiracion, es la mujer mas chingona de el mundo.

Y la mujer mas linda y sencilla de el mundo.

Es la mas original de las mujeres en el espectaculo, y es muy fashion, su vestimenta, su maquillaje, y toda ella es perfecta, su forma de bailar, y cantar al mismo tiempo, su potencia en la voz, y sobre todo su carisma………………………Esa es GWEN.

Yo soy una Chava de 17, con tan solo poco tiempo de conocer a NO DOUBT, pero es demasiado mi amor que les tengo que, ahora me considero una NO DOUBTHER.


From Johanna

To Tony, G wen, Adrian, Tom, Gabriel, Steven, and the rest of No Doubt:

You guys are an awesome group. I would tell you to “never change” but that’s not what your about. You are all about changing, experimenting with different styles and types of music. I love that. When I heard TK I was instantly hooked. Then ROS came along and I loved you even more. I know that album was a hard time for you guys, but it payed off. It’s gorgeous. And Rock Steady is wonderful too, though many people are mad at you for making a “pop” album. Yes, it was a sort of “pop” album, but it wasn’t like anything I’ve heard before. It’s unique, just like each one of you guys. Anyway, thanks again. Never stop being yourselves and having fun, and remember that your true fans will support you through whatever happens.



From Jenn

No Doubt is incredible in every way. its amazing what they’ve been through. It shows great perseverance for taking 9 years to become world famous. They never gave up, even through hard times. They are just so commited to what they love doing and they get along so well, all best friends. I think its beautiful that four people can not only make music and be famous and things like that, but also be great friends and lasted all these years.

I must say i miss the old school NXD, but the way their style has changed through the years is incredible. Its amazing to see how their personalities styles and music have changed…like hearing music theyve recorded in the late 80’s and early 90’s and seeing old pictures of them is fascinating.

Gwen is an awesome style icon. She claims she is a dork, but i disagree! shes my idol. I totally love her. She seems so natural and just like a regular person with absolutely no ego whatsoever.

gwen, tom, tony, and adrian, are four incredible people who make incredible music.


your fan,


From Amy

Dear No Doubt,

You may not know this, but you change many people’s lives for the better. Whenever I listen to your music, I instantly feel better and refreshed. You four are my idols. You give amazing live performances too! I saw you in Philadelphia on 4/44/02 and 10/17/02 and they were the best days of my life so far. Right now I’m really excited because I just got tickets to the 6/3 show in Holmdel, NJ!!! I can’t wait! I have all your cds, a few singles (I would have them all if I could find them. lol. :-) ), the SMITI playset, a bunch of shirts, and like everything else. Whenever I wear a ND shirt or a pair of my ND shoes, I feel happy. Oh! I almost forgot! I am in LOVE with the Rock Steady Live DVD!!!! I watch it all the time! It brings me back to the best days of my life. Ok, I have to go, but I look forward to seeing you in 105 days, and thanks again for everything you do.


nodoubtrules4eva< —forum name

From Cailee

Dear my beloved No Doubt,

You guys mean the world to me. You have gotten me through the toughest times in my whole life! You rock like no other band in the universe. I don’t know if I would have survived without you.

Keep rocking!



Forum Name: GwensLilLAMB24

From Travis

I love No Doubt. No Doubt has played a role in my life on many levels. They have brought me out of times of depression and stress. They have given me hope. Listening to their music and gowing to their shows have given me things to look foward to and reasons to be excited and to take my mind of my daily problems. No Doubt has been a great example to me both as artists but also as people. They have a lot of love and character that is rare in this world especial with a band as popular as them. So they have inspired me to be a better artists and a better person than I was before. They have helped me love music and really opend my mind up to many different kinds of music. Because that I have got more out of music than before. Even though I am a man. Gwen has touched my heart through her deep and sincer lyrics and I am inspired and touche by the emotion in her voice. Then Gwen is a nice person and can testify that she’s very down to earth and humble and caring. Tony is very nice also and giving. He’s aslo has a lot of depth and very smart and wise. Tony have opend me up to bass guitar playing. I have learned a lot about writing and play music from No Doubt. Tony Kanal has made bass playing cool again. He’s one of the rarest and best bassist of our time. He inspired me to fall in love with bass playing. Tom is very nice and a good guitar player. Adrian is also very nice and fun to be with and a great drummer. They all are great musicians and artists and great people. No Doubt is rare both because of their music and as people with rare character that is very caring. I feel very lucky to be a No Doubt fan I have been a fan for 4 years now. I started liking them around November of 1999. But when I really started liking them and because a fan was in December of 2000. I really love them now and my love coninues to grow.


Provo, Utah

From April

I like No Doubt because they’ve been around for a long time and their music is brilliant. My favourite member is Gwen because I like her distinctive singing voice and her style.


From Vanessa

Dear No Doubt,

Hi,My name is Vanessa and I am a really big fan and have been for a long time now. All of your records are amazing and your tours. Everytime I buy one of your cd’s or go to one of your concerts I am the happiest I can ever be. Thanx for being yourselves and putting out such amazing records and doing such amazing tours.Because with out your music the world would be a very boring place,and no one wants that.
And as far as the rumors go about you guys breaking I dont believe them.Even though some people(and you know who you are) still keep insisting that you are.

Well thant’s it for now.See you guys when you come out with another kick ass record and I know that you will :)


From Katie
Dearest No Doubt,
I am finding it so hard to put my love for you and your music into words. I remember when I first became a fan. I was in 7th grade, back in 96. I was a huge Bush fan. I used to buy all the teeny-bopper mags with the pin ups of Gavin and hang them on my wall. All of a sudden Gwen was appearing in many of these pin ups. I was curious as to who was dating “my man” haha. Before I knew it, my walls became overflowing with ND and Gwen pics. I was always a fan,and not just the main stream hits. When I get into a band, i like to know all their music, as they intended us to hear it. and i LOVE the fact that your first big record wasn’t the first one made. Beacon St. is one of my favorite records of all time. I got to see ND perform twice this past summer on the singles tour. I worked at the venue, so i was able to watch sound check. I was late for work and didnt care one bit. I cried as they practiced NEW- and gwen even pointed over at me watching while she sang “youre sooo new”. Now that I am older, my obsession has only grown. Two weeks before my 19th birthday, my boyfriend, whom I loved dearly and had great plans with, even though i was so young, passed away. It is to this day the hardest thing I have ever gone through.(and at 22, am still going through). I dont know what I would do without ND’s music. I like to beleive music can heal people, and your records helped me to heal. I have the utmost repect,adoration and love for Gwen and have never idolized someone so greatly.

Thank you No Doubt, and especially Gwen, for always being there for me. Even though we havent met.

Freehold, NJ

From Rachel
I love No Doubt because they are simply the best that anything can get. I love Gwens style, I love their music, I love their performance, I love their genre, their influences, I mean… they just can’t get any better! I’ve seen them in concert three times. Twice in seattle for the Rock Steady tour, and then during the summer 2004 tour in Auburn. The Auburn one was my favorite because I was more into them then I was when I went the first two times. I own every CD and a couple shirts and the hoodie. I can’t wait for the next record!! FOR NO DOUBT : I just wanna thank you guys for inspiring me, you don’t know how much you mean to me!!!!!

– Rachel –

From Madeleyne
Respeto x nodoubt:

Siempre he sido y he estado consciente de la originalidad, buena musica de nodoubt; Por supuesto los escuche desde just a girl y de ahi fue.. un boom, x fin algo nuevo que escuchar, en los 90 siempre hubo alternativa pero esta banda tenia todooo, lo que yo anhelaba.. algo no tan rudo ni tan suave, solo original…. y era mujer lo que representaba.

Segui sus pasos siempre a pesar de no ser tan fanatica, y gwen siempre llamaba la atencion de una u otra forma asi como sus panas de la banda; compre su cd de return of saturn, muchos lo critican pero a mi parece uno de los materiales mas elaborados de Nodoubt, sus letras llegan a un nivel.. que algunas veces t pierdes en entenderlo, y la musica ni se diga so hard!!;

Nunca los llegue a ver, aqui en latinoamerica no viene muchas bandas, todo es para mejico o brasil, nada pa mi pais.. pero por finnnnnn llega su 5to disco..y con eso una gira que incluye mi pais venezuela: 16 demarzo 2002, en el valle del pop con 42.000 mil personas y una adrenalina que jamas habia sentido por una banda.. ni comii ese dia… pensaba en mil cosas, que faltaran a su show. x ejm.. 8:34 pm se prende la bateria mas awesome jejeje hasta que x fin vi a mis demasiada esperada banda… gwen su cabello rubio brillante y pintura de labios roja y muñequeras y dure 2 min en asimiliar que era ella… estaba paralizada mentalmente, pero fisicamente me movia…. ; concierto x mas espectacular, y ciertas lagrimas( de gwen, de mi y los que me rodeaban) aun en las canciones mas movidas x su sorpresa del publico de habla español x cantar en ingles, y en don´t speak sin aguantar, echo el resto de lagrimas sin casi poder aguantar… hasta que dijo para sellar mi adoracion: One of the best shows ever!! mas euforia jejejee y desde alli he recopilado en horas sin dormir, dedicacion entendiendo cada dia de su historia, y lo mas sorprendente: siguen siendo los mismos y la humildad tan grande, es lo mejor que pueden tener como seres humanos hasta un nivel tan alto alcanzado como artistas.
Es por eso: Tom, Gabriel, Tony, Adrian, Stephen y Gwen… de aqui mi mas sinceras gracias x estar ahi haciendo musica tan diferente a cualquier banda que aparece, nadie les llega…. en sus variados generos, me han acompañado desde los 12 años y tengo 21 osea…….. love you guyssssssss keep fucking rocking!!!!… No jodas lo mejorrrrrr

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