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Stuff for your computer.  Fonts, screensavers, a desktop theme and other miscellanea.


The Rock Steady font is the actual font.  There are a few slight variations of Old English, the one here is just the one I have.  All other fonts are similar to fonts No Doubt has used.  If anyone knows where to find fonts that more closely resemble the ones No Doubt has used, please e-mail me.

To install a font in Windows, browse to and open your windows/fonts folder.  Simply paste the unzipped .ttf file into the fonts folder and you’re done.  I’m not sure how it works on a MAC.

Click here to download all 6 fonts, or download them individually below:

rock steady font

The Rock Steady font

old english

Old English



(Similar to one of the old school logo fonts. Mostly because of the shape of the boxes outlining the letters.)



(Also similar to the same old school logo font, because of the shape of the actual letters.)



(Similar to a font used for Return Of Saturn.)


Terylene Top

I just like this one. It reminds me of the No Doubt Land logo.

Gwen Screensaver
Gwen screen saver

An official Gwen/Love Angel Music Baby screensaver (for PC only)

Was on Gwen’s UK site at one point. Just unzip, and run the .exe file to install. It just shows the album cover, and some parts of it have a “swirly” effect.

Official Return Of Saturn desktop theme (for PCs)

Wow, does this one take me back! I just installed it on my PC before I uploaded it to make sure it worked properly and there was nothing wrong with it.  It’s so rad!

This is an old school “theme” for Windows.  It was downloaded from the official NxD site back in the day.  It was made for Windows ’98, but will work with XP.  Not sure about Vista.  I’m sure it could be made to work for most operating systems; just set the sounds, wallpaper, etc. by hand.

This “theme” includes ROS cover art wallpaper, replacement sounds for Windows that are pretty fun, an animated cursor, and a few icons.  For Windows, just unzip the file, and then double click on one of the .Theme files. This will open up your display properties, where you can simply click “OK”, or you can tweak it.

For instance, if you just click OK, it will revert your windows to the ugly old boxy ’98 style.  You can set it to use the XP style instead from within the display properties.  Since there are only two sizes for the wallpaper, you can select “stretch” or whatever in display properties if one of the two sizes doesn’t work for you as the wallpaper is pretty good quality.  OK, I’ll stop going on about it and just let you play with it!

ROS theme
Official No Doubt ROS desktop theme

Desktop Icons
desktop icons

Click here to get a zip file o’ ND icons!

These are meant to be desktop icons.  119 of them in .ico format.  Not sure if anyone bothers messing with their icons anymore, but thought I’d put them up anyway.  :)

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