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This page is a tribute to all the websites that have helped this site.

Some of them are the sites that I looked up to when I was first starting Greener Pastures. They inspired me to keep at this site, because they were just so awesome (and still are). Some of the site names have changed, but the webmasters and their talent and dedication remain the same. Most of you know who you are, because I’ve told you before. ;)

Other sites are ones from which I’ve gotten pictures. A lot of pictures in the gallery I’ve scanned or found myself. But there are quite a few that came from other No Doubt related sites as well. I know I will forget a lot, so if you see any pictures that came from your site, and you aren’t credited on this page, let me know and I’ll add you.

So this is my generic “thank you” list (in no particular order):

In With The Breeze
Sexy Tomboy
Candy Swirl
Gwen Fetish
The Artificial Kingdom
Brand New Day
Beauty Contest (No longer online, but was a GREAT site with tons of pictures.)
No Doubt Universe

*I know I’ve forgotten a lot, because my memory is horrible, so this page will probably grow a bit. :D

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