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26th anniversary of first official live show!

Hello! Ska Parade posted a rare old photo of No Doubt backstage at Fender’s Ballroom on their Facebook page, which they say was originally shared by former member Tony Meade! :


“Happy 26th SKAnniversary to No Doubt! Their 1st show happened on 03/14/1987 @ Fender’s Ballroom!
Much Cheers! – Tazy / Ska Parade”

Tony Meade also wrote “No Doubt March 14, 1987 Fender’s Ballroom. Eric & Gwen Stefani, Tony & Alan Meade, Jerry “Jerros” Mc Mahon, Kirk Hofstetter, Kevin Wells, Chris Webb and John Spence. Happy Anniversary!”

This is such an awesome photo! From the old band bio that was on the official:

“March 14, 1987

After several raucous party performances, No Doubt play their first “official” gig at Fender’s Ballroom in Long Beach, California; the band was second on a bill of fourteen with The Untouchables headlining. Tony was one of several hundred people watching.

Shortly after, Tony, a high-school junior, shows up to try out wearing baggy pants and Mexican sandals. Band accepts him even though this is his first band; still a high-school senior, Gwen eagerly accepts him.”

Fabio from EIT has managed to get a hold of the Canadian “In Sixty” TV special that aired not too long ago! I’ve been looking for this, and am so happy that it’s finally shown up somewhere! Click here to watch on EIT!

Tom has updated his web site: “Hi everyone,
My site has changed, to a new simpler format. My posts and content from the past are gone, unfortunately.
It’s nice to have a fresh start.
You can also follow me on twitter @tomdumontND and get more info about my doings at

No Doubt has shared another live video from their “Seven Night Stand” last year – Sunday Morning! :

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