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Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

Happy Halloween!

No Doubt has posted on Instagram “LIKE @NoDoubt on Facebook for a chance to win a signed Push And Shove tote bag. Contests coming soon!”

No Doubt is going to be playing in Germany on 11/9 for MTV Music Week in Frankfurt according to!

No Doubt won the first round of Fuse’s top 40 of 2012!  Second round voting is open now!  You know what to do!  :)

videos, Nylon, vote…

Sunday, October 28th, 2012

Hello!  I’ve just added a bunch of videos, some of which I also added to my YouTube channel:

MTV Live N Loud Feb 28 1997 01 Spiderwebs
MTV Live N Loud Feb 28 1997 02 Excuse Me Mr
MTV Live N Loud Feb 28 1997 03 Dont Speak
MTV Live N Loud Feb 28 1997 04 Just A Girl
MTV Live N Loud Feb 28 1997 05 Oi To The World
MTV Live N Loud Feb 28 1997 06 Sunday Morning
MTV In Touch car interview (ROS)
Gwen Teen Choice Awards 2005 Visionary Award
Gwen Loreal Preference commercial
EMP Grand Opening Seattle WA 2000-06-24 01 Simple Kind Of Life
EMP Grand Opening Seattle WA 2000-06-24 02 Dont Speak
EMP Grand Opening Seattle WA 2000-06-24 03 Just A Girl
EMP Grand Opening Seattle WA 2000-06-24 04 Spiderwebs
Cold Water Kids Hang Me Up To Dry pop up music video featuring Erin
Antenne Bayern studio 2000 Simple Kind Of Life acoustic
Antenne Bayern studio 2000 Ex Girlfriend

No Doubt is featured in the November issue of Nylon magazine!  Gwen is on the cover (Looking Hot!), and there is an interview with, and photos of the whole band.   I love these photos!  The web site Fashion Scans Remastered has posted the whole thing on their site! (There are outtake photos on the Nylon site.)

From the official:

“No Doubt are pleased to be the first to announce that they will be appearing as musical guests on The X Factor UK next week! The band will take the stage on Sunday, November 4th to perform “Looking Hot” live during the show, which is currently in its ninth series. The performance will air at 8PM that evening on ITV. ”

The band has announced all of the supporting acts for the Gibson shows.  From the official:

“No Doubt is excited to announce the full line-ups for their seven night Gibson Amphitheatre stand this November and December. To purchase tickets visit the EVENTS page. See you at the shows!

11/24/12 @ Gibson Amphitheatre with Grouplove and Nico Vega

11/26/12 @ Gibson Amphitheatre with Grouplove and Io Echo

11/28/12 @ Gibson Amphitheatre with Grouplove and Blaqk Audio

11/30/12 @ Gibson Amphitheatre with Fitz And The Tantrums and The Aggrolites

12/2/12 @ Gibson Amphitheatre with Fitz And The Tantrums and Noise of Rumors

12/4/12 @ Gibson Amphitheatre with Best Coast and Kitten

12/6/12 @ Gibson Amphitheatre with Best Coast and JJAMZ

I’m really happy that Noise of Rumors is on the list!  They had been hoping for this to happen, and had posted cover videos, and the below video asking No Doubt to let them open for them!  They posted on their Facebook page:

“So you all should clear your schedules for December 2nd… because Adrian Young and Tom Dumont of No Doubt just called me and asked our band Noise of Rumors to open for them at the Gibson Amphitheater in Hollywood!!!”

It made me tear up that they got their wish, and Adrian and Tom actually called them!  They must have freaked out!

Universal Germany has posted a video interview with the band from June on their web site. has posted clips from their interview with No Doubt in NY this summer.   You can watch them here.

Don’t forget to keep voting for No Doubt in Fuse’s top 40 of 2012 poll!  There is less than a day left to vote, and No Doubt is just barely winning by 52%.  You can vote more than once.

There’s also the People’s Choice nominee selections!  Vote, and write them in for any other categories you find applicable!

Looking Hot on Leno video download

Thursday, October 25th, 2012

Hello!  I’ve added last night’s “Looking Hot” performance to the downloads section.

Looking Hot on Leno video here

Thursday, October 25th, 2012

Hello!  I’ve uploaded No Doubt’s performance of “Looking Hot” on Leno last night to YouTube.  I’m in the process of adding it to the downloads section right now. :

Please vote for No Doubt!

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

Hello!  No Doubt is in the running to win Fuse’s video of the year award!  The band tweeted this earlier today:

#SettleDown has been nominated for @fusetv Video of the Year! Voting ends this Sunday 10/28 so vote NOW! #FuseTop40

No Doubt is also up for favorite band in the pre-nominations for the People’s Choice Awards.  You can also nominate them for other categories, such as favorite album, song, etc. by clicking “other” and writing them in.  Please go vote for them!

They are going to perform on Leno tomorrow night!  From the official:

“The members of No Doubt are pleased to be the first to announce that they will be returning to The Tonight Show with Jay Leno as a musical guest this Wednesday, October 24th! Another special guest that night will be US President Barack Obama, who will be making his fifth appearance on The Tonight Show.

No Doubt first took The Tonight Show stage on April 11, 1997 to perform “Sunday Morning” live and have since returned to the show on three separate occasions. The band were also one of the first artists to perform live on The Tonight Show’s Summer Outdoor Performance Space on June 7, 2002.

Be sure to tune in this Wednesday, October 24 at 11:35 PM ET on NBC to catch the performance!”

EW mag, ND CD giveaways, Tom interview…

Saturday, October 20th, 2012


There’s a No Doubt mention in the October 26 issue of Entertainment Weekly magazine.  The article is about designers Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haenn. :

No Doubt posted this on their instagram this morning! :

“Who wants one? Signed CD giveaways coming very soon!”

I do, I do!!!  :D

The band has announced the opening acts for the upcoming shows at Gibson Amphitheatre.  From the official:

“No Doubt are excited to announce the main support acts for their seven headlining shows at Gibson Amphitheatre in Los Angeles this November and December – they will include Grouplove, Fitz And The Tantrums and Best Coast.

Tickets are still available to the shows.

11/24/12 Gibson Amphitheatre with Grouplove

11/26/12 Gibson Amphitheatre with Grouplove

11/28/12 Gibson Amphitheatre with Grouplove

11/30/12 Gibson Amphitheatre with Fitz And The Tantrums

12/2/12 Gibson Amphitheatre with Fitz And The Tantrums

12/4/12 Gibson Amphitheatre with Best Coast

12/6/12 Gibson Amphitheatre with Best Coast

Additional opening acts for each show to be announced.

See you at the shows!”

There’s a new interview with Tom on

“Following the release of their first album in eleven years, Push and Shove, No Doubt guitarist Tom Dumont has almost guaranteed the ska-pop heavyweights will be headed our way sometime in the near future, according to The Music.

Dumont has all but announced a tour, using the members’ kids as wriggle room in saying, “Will we come to Australia? There is a 99% chance we’ll get down there, as soon as we figure the kids thing out.”

It’s been a long time since Australian fans have had the opportunity to party to the likes of ‘Just A Girl,’ ‘Hey Baby,’ and ‘Hella Good.’ The “break” they decided to take after 2001′s Rock Steady ended up stretching on for over a decade, with singer Gwen Stefani embarking on a massive solo career and guitarist Tom Dumont branching off into his less successful side project, Invincible Overlord.
we’d grown up and in the old days, the band was always number one for everybody, our first priority and the fun thing we did with our lives. And now the band is kept second really

But the group have returned with a vengeance, releasing poppy new single ‘Settle Down’ and playing a series of shows across America and Europe.

In fact, the only thing keeping the nineties institution from a definite Australian tour at this stage is figuring out what to do with the kids.

“It has been a while and the big difference for us, during that time apart, everybody started families – Gwen obviously did, but all of us started having kids as well,” Dumont said.

“Going into this album, that was the big difference in our lives – we’d grown up and in the old days, the band was always number one for everybody, our first priority and the fun thing we did with our lives. And now the band is kept second really – we all want to be really part of it as parents and everything – the writing schedule, everything, is impacted by that; we just work less,” said the guitarist.

“The thing is, that’s really great as well because you don’t get as burnt out, we don’t work as much as we used to in that sense, whether it be in the studio or promotion,” adds Dumont.

He went on to say that their commitments “impacted how long it took to make the record” as well as their touring plans. “In Gwen’s case, she usually has her kids with her – she’s the mom and we need to make allowances for that. The guys have wives at home so that makes it a little easier on us.””


Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

Hello!  I just added a handful of videos to the downloads section.  Instead of listing them here, I’ll just direct you to the videos sorted by when they were added.  The most recent ones are at the top of the list.  :)

contests, videos

Sunday, October 14th, 2012

Hello!  No Doubt has posted a contest to their Facebook page where you can win a Push And Shove Prize Pack.

“Want to win a Push And Shove Prize Pack? Vote for No Doubt in the “Best Pop” category at the MTV EMA’s right here –

Click LIKE after you’ve voted and tweet @NoDoubt with a screen shot using #NDEMA for a chance to win!”

From the official:

“Want to be part of a No Doubt video? Here’s your chance! Take a photo of yourself and tweet it using the hashtag #NDlookinghot. Your picture may be included in the band’s official lyric video for “Looking Hot”!

Be sure to use the hashtag #NDlookinghot and your photos will become visible on Some of the most creative photos will also be re tweeted from the Official No Doubt Twitter.”

“See No Doubt’s music come to life with this brand new augmented reality app from UView! Download the app now for free on iTunes or Google Play and follow the steps below for an interactive experience with the Push And Shove album cover.
  1. Download the app on iTunes or Google Play
  2. Open the app and point your phone at the Push And Shove album cover below. You can also scan it over a poster, billboard or digital image of the album cover.
  3. Watch the Push And Shove album cover come to life in 3D!”

I’ve been working through some old recordings, and re-capturing. I’m uploading to my YouTube channel now, and will also add them to the downloads section shortly.

No Doubt’s favorite pre-Tragic Kingdom poll, Tom interview…

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

From the official:

“No Doubt headed back into rehearsals this week to get ready for their upcoming shows at The Gibson Amphitheatre. As the band puts their set list together they want to know your favorite pre-Tragic Kingdom song.

Vote for your favorite song from the band’s first two studio albums using the steps below:

1.) Twitter – Use #NoDoubt and any of the following hash tags to vote for your favorite song from the band’s first studio album No Doubt.

#BND #BigCityTrain
#LetsGetBack #TrappedInABox
#Ache #Sometimes
#GetOnTheBall #Sinking
#MoveOn #ALittleSomethingRefreshing
#SadForMe #Paulina
#Doormat #BrandNewDay

2,) Facebook – Vote for your favorite song from The Beacon Street Collection in the poll right here.”

Tom tweeted about a new interview he did for GrindTV:

“The Inside Scoop with Tom Dumont of No Doubt
By: Kat Hoffman

There should be No Doubt that you’ve heard of him–he plays guitar in one of the world’s most notoriously famous, female fronted, punk-rock-ska bands; he is a husband, a father of three, and when he has the time, he likes to indulge in some surfing and standup paddling. (That is, if his kids don’t have a game.)

We got a chance to speak with Tom about the recent drop of No Doubt’s newest album, “Push and Shove.” Here is what the modest kid-from-Anaheim/rock-star/family-man/waterman had to say:

What have you been doing with yourself?

I’ve been working mostly on the new No Doubt album, “Push And Shove,” these past few years. Right now the band is traveling in Europe, performing the new songs and promoting the album. As a side project, I’ve been co-designing a new guitar model with Grover Jackson, who builds his custom line of “GJ2Guitars” in his shop in Laguna Beach, California.

Was it hard to get back as a group and start jamming after a break of 11 years in the studio with your No Doubt comrades?

Even though it has been 11 years between studio albums for No Doubt, the actual break lasted about three years; we still toured and wrote and recorded songs for many of those years. I also got married and started having kids over the course of those years.

In addition I produced two albums for Matt Costa, and composed the film soundtrack for the documentary “The Providence Effect.”

What are your favorite songs or moments of creating the album “Push And Shove”?

We worked really hard on this album, and there were many days where we had these little breakthroughs. … The album is a menagerie of those little magical moments that happened over the course of the three years it took to make.

Major Lazer/Diplo also contributed to this album, correct? What was that collaboration like? And how did it affect the sound of the album?

Major Lazer came to us with an amazing intro of a track that would eventually become “Push And Shove.” They had gone down to Jamaica and recorded these great verses with Busy Signal, and we wrote the choruses and bridge. Gwen (Stefani) had to figure out how to relate her life to Busy’s lyrics and indeed they found some common ground. This song is like a roller coaster and has probably the most old-school ska beat that we’ve ever recorded, contrasted with these epic dub-step inspired choruses.

Will there be a full-blown tour?

Yes. We all feel most at home as a band and on stage and can’t wait to hit the road again. We’re hoping to be out there next year–gotta figure out how to balance that and letting our kids finish the school year!

How do you usually like to spend your free time as far as extra activities go?

These days my time away from the band is primarily spent trying to be a good dad. I have three boys so it’s lots of playing imaginary super heroes, playing soccer with them, and swimming–and now a little surfing and SUP boarding. I’m a waterman at heart, so that’s the focus of my non-music time.

Describe your perfect day…

Breakfast with my family, a day at the beach with my boys, and playing music with my No Doubt band-mates at night. I’m planning to have at least six of those days coming up in November and December when No Doubt plays shows at the Gibson Amphitheatre in Los Angeles!

Three things you never leave home without…

Wallet, keys, phone. But if I’m in rock-star mode–leather jacket, eyeliner, guitar picks. LOL.

What would you like to see happen in the next 11 years, or where would you like to see yourself?

I’d love to just keep on doing what I get to do now–hang with my wife and kids, surf and sail more, plus of course play music with my friends Tony, Adrian, and Gwen in No Doubt from time to time. I also have some philanthropic projects in mind, and I plan to spend more time volunteering in the coming years.

Thank you so much for taking the time Tom, looking forward to seeing you guys live again!

My pleasure!”

OC Weekly has posted a “Top 25 Greatest Orange County Bands of All Time” list, and No Doubt is #2, which is awesome!  Of course,  #1 would have been ideal, but I can totally respect Social D taking that spot.  It’s awesome to me to see ND and Social D next to each other, on top of this countdown!  :)

“You either love the fact that No Doubt is on this list or you absolutely hate it–a good sign that no matter what they’ve earned their place here. You’d be hard pressed to find someone in OC who doesn’t have an opinion about Anaheim’s quirky, ska-nerds-turned-pop-royalty. We at the Weekly most certainly been torn over the legacy of ageless bombshell vocalist Gwen Stefani, bassist Tony Kanal, guitarist Tom Dumont and drummer Adrian Young. We’ve lauded their success, lamented over the extinction of their brass section and scratched our heads at their stylistic left turns in the studio that paid off with great commercial success.And even though 1995’s The Beacon Street Collection and 2012’s Push and Shove sound worlds apart, the amount of influence they’ve on the pop culture landscape in between those albums is incalculable. The radio success of their landmark album Tragic Kingdom continues to define the explosive strength of our local music scene and is indelibly tied to it, even after the band became rock darlings on a global scale.”

Virgin France has posted audio of their interview with No Doubt, as well as a video of their awesome acoustic performance of “Looking Hot”! :

Adrian reggae playlist, Virgin France video…

Tuesday, October 9th, 2012

No Doubt tweeted today about a new interview with Adrian on for which he made an awesome “mixtape” playlist of his favorite reggae songs!  I love his choices.  In the interview, he says a little about each song.  Here is the rdio playlist:

Virgin Radio France has posted an in-studio video of No Doubt performing an acoustic version of “Settle Down”:

Spin is holding a contest where you can win a signed copy of the speaker box set! Details here!

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