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More birthday loves…

Friday, August 27th, 2010

Happy Birthday, Tony!!!!!!

Happy Birthday!

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

Happy birthday to Adrian!!!!!

Also, a happy belated birthday to Stephen!!!!!

We love you!!!!

This just in…

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

I love No Doubt!  Where are all the old-schoolers?  I miss you!  Mary, Amy, Carly… etc.  Where are you?  Somebody comment me!  Lyndsy-loo!  Danny Boy!  Pierre!  The list goes on…..Sue, D,…everybody!!

I’m so excited for No Doubt’s new album to be released!  It’s going to be epic!  I can’t friggen’ wait!  Props to Jenny at BSO for keeping everyone updated.  I don’t post every little thing, but I promise you, I’m paying attention.  I’m a career woman, and I have children, so GP isn’t top priority any longer for obvious reasons, but my love and appreciation goes on and on.  Love you all!  I have a lot of videos that I need to upload.  I think about it every day, and will get them up soon.

Love you all!  Do well, and Doubt not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The band has been posting like crazy on twitter:

  1. From the studio to you… half a minute ago via Tap11
  2. nine may not seem like a lot but it’s not the quantity, it’s the quality! – gwenx 3 minutes ago via web
  3. Shhh we’re working on music today. Song #9. More tweets to follow… Tom about 2 hours ago via Tap11
  4. Wow just saw love in Vegas incredible also I highly recommend the burger bar at Mandalay bay Adrian 1:09 PM Aug 3rd via Tap11
  5. 8:12 PM Jul 29th via Twitter for iPhone
  6. 8:12 PM Jul 29th via Twitter for iPhone
  7. 7:55 PM Jul 29th via Tap11
  8. So in the process and loving it! Rolled up in a blanket of music. You are on my mind. Want u to love it as much as me :) Can’t wait! gwenx 7:54 PM Jul 29th via web
  9. Taking a break from the studio to say hello to our long time fan and friend Amy Griggs. Sending you some No Doubt love Amy xoxo 11:35 PM Jul 27th via web
  10. 9:44 PM Jul 27th via web
  11. what does this mean?!?!? – gwenx 9:39 PM Jul 27th via web
  12. i can’t imagine playing these new songs live! it’s gonna be like a double rainbow all the way omg! – gwenx 9:37 PM Jul 27th via web
  13. Album-making can be a long, challenging process. But it’s peppered with magical musical moments. We caught some of that tonight! -Tom 10:45 PM Jul 26th via Tap11
  14. All together working on something Jamaican inspired today. Musical, not herbal… :-) -Tom 5:35 PM Jul 26th via Tap11
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