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Early Xmas present from Adrian

Sunday, November 29th, 2009

From No Doubt’s twitter page:

“Happy Thanksgiving ND tweetpeeps! Hope you all have full bellies. Early Xmas present from Adrian:”.

That’s some sexy golfin’!  :)

new Tragic Kingdom collectors’ set available online!

Saturday, November 28th, 2009

Hot Topic has released a TK collectors’ set, which includes the TK album on orange vinyl, and a T-shirt with album cover art!

MOCA gala last night

Sunday, November 15th, 2009

Gwen and Gavin attended the Museum Of Contemporary Art’s 30th anniversary gala last night in LA.  I’ve added some photos to the gallery.  Gwen looked beautiful as always.  I want the top she was wearing!

law suit, interviews, songwriting, Bridge School audio…

Saturday, November 14th, 2009

I’ve added audio files from night 2 of the Bridge School benefit to the Audio / Video section.

The band has mentioned their “secret songwriting spot” a couple times on their twitter page. They’ve posted a bit about writing:
“songwriting can be fun!! what a great day with tony and tom – writing new no doubt! one day down – back at it tomorrow gwenx”

“Writing: writing? writing! sometimes such a challenge, sometimes too easy! -Tom”

The band added a video of Bathwater from the Bridge School Benefit to their site. You can see it here.

As you know, sells L.A.M.B. and Harajuku Lovers shoes. I just found a coupon code for $45 off a purchase of $200 or more, and it works! The code is “HeelsMyc”. Not sure when it expires…

Adrian filled in for Maroon 5’s drummer on their tour for a bit earlier this month. From their web site:
“November 09.2009
Thank You to Adrian Young! Unfortunately, due to a family emergency, our amazing drummer Matt Flynn had to leave the current tour for a few days. We’d like give a huge thanks to our friend Adrian Young of No Doubt for filling in! We’re going to miss Adrian, but we couldn’t be happier that Matt is back on the road with us.”

He’s also featured in Dilana’s new music video for “Holiday”! You can see it here on YouTube.

There’s a great new interview with Tony on I won’t post the whole thing on here, as it’s pretty long.

There is a short interview with Gwen in the December issue of InStyle magazine. I don’t have it yet, but will scan as soon as I do. In the meantime, you can view Jenny’s scans at BSO. :)

Some information about spring Harajuku Lovers from

“If you’re into collectibles, listen up.  Gwen Stefani has five brand-new Harajuku lovers for your collection, and they’re beyond adorable.To spice up the winter line, Snow Bunnies, she’s created the Sunshine Cuties. “We wanted to change up the outfits, because that’s what they are — little fashion plates,” said Gwen. Each of the five personalities—Love, L’il Angel, Music, Baby, and G—are based on summer scents, complete with floral accents in their hair and precious little bikinis. Singer-turned-designer Ms. Stefani described her own little doll’s outfit as such: “It’s the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ version of a bathing suit,” and admitted that she developed the line on tour, proving that multitasking is a skill she’s mastered. She’s even looking into designing more jewelry come spring, as well as a stationary line. “Eventually, I’d love to do everything,” she said. “But I want to do it right — I want to be totally involved with it all.”

If you’re in love with the new cuties, you’ll have to wait until February, when they will retail for $30 at Macy’s, Nordstrom, Sephora, HSN, and But soon, you’ll be able to play on their website,, which brings the little girls to life.”

Finally, I’m sure you’ve already heard this because there are tons of articles circulating about it, but No Doubt are suing Activision, the makers of the game Band Hero.  The band had agreed to let them create avatars in their likeness for use when performing the 3 No Doubt songs in the game.  However, in the game, one can use the No Doubt avatars when performing other bands’ songs, which they didn’t agree to.  From an article on “When the band brought their concerns to Activision, they allege the company “refused to correct its actions.”  Go get ’em!

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