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(E. Stefani)

Woke up this morning and felt not too cool
‘Cause every time I tried to make my mouth move
The pain I’m having is so discomforting
Please make this suffering go away

I told my mom how I was feeling
And how long I’ve been dealing with it
Knew it was coming, but I didn’t know how soon
She said I’ve reached another adolescent monsoon

Oooo Ahh… the pain is tremendous
Why can’t I take it like a man
Oooo Ahh… the pain is horrendous
Why don’t you lend a helpin’ hand

He was a well-educated man, had his degree in medicine
I noticed his hairy hands… he was a very, very hairy man
He looked right down in, shook his head and then
Said “these teeth must be pulled right away!’

(repeat chorus)

He turned around, rolled up his sleeve
I rolled my eyes then suddenly
A horrible pain grew, the next think that I knew
The doc had pulled my wisdom teeth … OUT!
Well along with my teeth my money also left me
As he made out the bill, I was moaning
Oooo Ahh… the pain is tremendous
Where the hell is my prescription… of codeine?

But when will I speak, how long until my mouth feels natural?
How long will they bleed, when will they heal, where’s a real meal?
How do you feel? How do you feel? How do you feel? How do you feel?

I feel good…I feel great…there’s no pain…there’s no ache
I feel good…I feel great…just let me recuperate

Because the codeine has left me drowsy, leave me be…just let me sleep!

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