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Tom updates blog and official


Tom posted on the official site yesterday:

“Hello there,

I can see how our tweets might have been less than clear about our songwriting and recording process. We worked (in a little studio) most of last year writing songs. We ‘demo’ them as we write, which is like making rough draft recordings.

At one point we did go into a ‘real’ studio last year (in May I think) to really record some of them for the final album versions.

But we didn’t finish those songs completely in that session. After that we resumed in the writing studio and wrote more tunes during the rest of last year.

Now, starting today, we’re back in a real studio really recording again. Excitedly!

There are two new ND babies coming soon, mine and Tony’s, so there will be a little delay for that. :-)

This process does take us awhile, it always has. Plus life is a little more complicated and busy than it was before we all had kids etc.

So the goal is to write a couple songs more this year and of course finish recording all of them.

We’re really really happy with the new songs and feel this great sense of momentum going into the new year.


They also posted some studio photos, so make sure to check them out!

Tom also updated his own blog yesterday with some studio gear photos:

“No Doubt are in the studio for two weeks tracking a couple of new songs for our forthcoming album. A friend of ours named Spike is in the Producer’s chair. I thought it’d be interesting to show you what it looks like, including some of the gear. We’re in this place for 10+ hours a day at the moment, so there’s plenty of downtime to take pictures. Enjoy!”

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