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Spark The Fire performance tonight, Good Morning America interview

Hello! Don’t forget to watch The Voice tonight to see Gwen and Pharrell perform “Spark The Fire” live! Apparently, the song was available to purchase online very early this morning, but has since been pulled. Perhaps the official release isn’t supposed to be until tonight after The Voice performance?

Gwen was on Good Morning America this morning, and ABC has posted a video with clips from the interview, as well as some more preview clips of the “Spark The Fire” music video! Here is the video:

From the ABC web site:

“Gwen Stefani Previews New ‘Spark the Fire’ Music Video on ‘GMA’
Dec 1, 2014, 8:39 AM ET
By LAWRENCE DECHANT via Good Morning America

Grammy award-winning Gwen Stefani is blazing her way to the top of the charts with her new single, “Spark the Fire.”

“Good Morning America” got a preview of a new video for the song that shows Stefani, 45, dancing in a club with her thoughts conveyed on-screen by emoji’s.

“It’s kind of a clash … this punk rock, kind of old-school feeling, club feeling,” the singer told ABC News, “but [with] this really modern emoji world, and it just looks really cool together.”

Her latest single is her third collaboration with her longtime friend, Pharrell Williams.

“To have him back in my life again unexpectedly has been just incredible,” she said. “I keep calling him the ‘Yoda meets Oprah,’ because he’s got this forceful, amazing way of speaking and inspiring you.”

It’s been eight years since Stefani’s last solo album, and she said this one was unexpected.

“All of the sudden, I’m doing this record, which I definitely did not plan,” she said. “That’s probably what I love the most about it, is not knowing and just kind of being free and just doing it, and letting the surprises happen.”

Apart from music and fashion, Stefani also juggles life as a mother of three. Her children — Kingston, 8, Zuma, 6, and Apollo, 9 months — often weigh in on her music.

“I do use the kids for bouncing off songs, to be like, ‘Is this one going to be big? Do you like this one?,’” she said. “Because they know, and Kingston will be like, ‘You gotta make a song that’s going to be really big, mom.’””

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