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Settle Down screenshots, premiere interview on YouTube

Hello!  I’ve added a bunch of stills from the “Settle Down” video to the gallery.  There are a lot, and you may find some “duplicates”, though they won’t be exactly the same.  The reason is that at first I made a bunch of stills from the video I captured.  Then, I decided to also make stills from the video No Doubt posted on YouTube, as that video is HD.

I was going to only add the captures I made from the HD video, but I decided to add the others as well, because there are some cool shots in there which I’m not sure I also captured from the HD video, so didn’t want to discard them.  When you go through a video frame by frame twice making hundreds of captures each time (my finger hurts lol), it’s pretty hard to duplicate exactly which frames you captured the first time.  So, I uploaded them all in case there are some nice shots I grabbed in the first round that I didn’t get in the second HD round.  :)

I’ve also added 8 photos that my lovely friend Laurie sent me from the Today Show performance in 2009.  Thanks, sweetie!  :)

Also, I’ve heard from a couple people that they are having trouble with the video I uploaded of the premiere special only playing for two minutes.  I’m not sure why that is happening.  Is everyone having that same issue?  Perhaps I should have split it up into two or three files, instead of uploading one huge file that is over 1GB.  I think that must be the problem.  I’ll re-upload in sections shortly.  In the meantime, I’ve uploaded the interview portion to YouTube.

I’m feeling extremely inadequate now lol!  I’m sorry for the trouble with the video.  Love all of you No Doubters!  So excited that the new era is upon us!

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