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Gwen’s Access Hollywood interview video

Hello!  Please right click here to download the video of Gwen’s Access Hollywood interview.  I tried to add this one to the video section, and had the same problem as with the Lowell videos, so doing it this way for now.

Access Hollywood also posted a video on their site of an outtake from the interview. Gwen talks about how the album is coming along. When she said the word “single” I spazzed a little. It’s right around the corner! :

3 Responses to “Gwen’s Access Hollywood interview video”

  1. So unfair Says:

    Heather, there’s a No Doubt fansite using your video on their youtube account without even crediting you… this is SO unfair… you work so hard to give ppl videos and someone comes and steals the video from you and posts on their websites, claiming it is theirs? Come on! They should get a life! Just warning you cause I love you and your website so much and I think this is BRUTALLY unfair! Please so something! We can’t let ppl like that be around without being punished! thanks and thanks a lot for all the great stuff you put here!

  2. Heather Says:

    Hey, sweetie! Thank you so much for saying that you love me, and this site! It really means so much to me! For real. Thank you for watching my back! I’m not sure what site did that?
    More thoughts soon once I formulate what I want to say regarding crediting, etc.
    xxxooo DWADN :D

  3. So unfair Says:

    Here’s the link sweetie… I was looking through YouTube and found it…

    Love you and love your work! GP was always my favorite ND fansite!!

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