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Coachella video

Hi all! I’ve uploaded a capture of the Coachella set to the GP OneDrive folder here.

10 Responses to “Coachella video”

  1. Pam Says:

    INCREDIBLE show!

    smiling and crying at the same time

    thank you for this :)

  2. ChaseR Says:

    Hi Heather. Miss you and this site. Thanks for keeping it going all these years. Hope you are well. Those tears tasted amazing huh lol.

    Sendin hella love and support,

  3. Heather Says:

    It sure was! I’m so happy they did this. Maybe now they’ll decide to do some more shows!

  4. Heather Says:

    Hey! I’m doing well thank you, I hope the same for you! Yes, it was an amazing show for sure! Thank you so much for your kind words.
    DWADN forever!

  5. Alberto Navarro Says:

    Thank you for updating! been following you for over 20 years now

  6. Heather Says:

    Thank you, Alberto! That means a lot to me, and nice to hear from you! :)

  7. Valeska Says:

    Hey Heather, thank you so much for this! I cried the entire live stream. :D Soooo happy they are back and hope they will tour. Hope you are well. <3

  8. Heather Says:

    Hello there!! It’s good to hear from you! I hope you’re doing well. Yes, it was amazing for sure! I really hope they tour. I love you!

  9. Thank you Says:

    Thank you so much. I’ve been loving No Doubt since the 2020s, You helped me a lot. Thank you and sending love ♥

  10. ChaseR Says:


    Are we uploading week two? Happy they changed the setlist a little! Oh what I’d do for a ROS deep cuts set. Drool.

    Also I love that you have that “PacDoubt” game on here still lol. I might have a crazy story about that game. :) Do you know where it came from? :) Or have any info on it? Does it still work for you? I’ll have to turn off all my popup / tracker blockers later to see if it works for me.

    I might post the story later. Kinda braindead and sick rn.

    Love shall be the whole of the law,

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