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news updates

Saturday, May 9th, 2009

Hello! Lots going on:
No Doubt have launched a charity foundation! Right now they are auctioning some VIP tour packages on eBay. From the official site:
“Your VIP package will include:
-Four (4) tickets in the pit or premium seats (winner’s choice)
-Meet No Doubt privately backstage prior to their performance
-One (1) personal group photo of the winner & guests with No Doubt
-Four (4) premium concert tour t-shirts

Here are the four charities we selected that will benefit from the auctions:

ALS Orange County Chapter:
charity: water:
Doctors Without Borders:
Children’s Hospital of Orange County:

The auctions for the first 16 U.S. shows are live now so go check them out. Each week we’ll be listing the next group of shows, so keep checking back if your city isn’t live yet. Each wave of auctions benefits a different charity. A portion of the proceeds from the first 16 shows will benefit ALS Orange County Chapter.”

You can now watch the full Gossip Girl performance on the CW site.

VH1 has a new little video clip of the band rehearsing at the Borgata, with a bit of an interview here.

There’s a short interview on the USA site:
In high school, were you anything like the glamorous but catty cast of “Gossip Girl?
Gwen: I was definitely part of a cliquey group. I was a ska girl, like straight-up black-and-white, tights and the bob hairdo.

Tom: I was pretty dweeby. I was into “Dungeons & Dragons.” I played guitar, too, but I didn’t hang out with the rockers. They were off in the smoking area, and I was in imagination world.
Adrian: I was an athlete. I played basketball and golf.
Tony: You could call me a band geek.

Were you ever a high school gossip victim?
Adrian: Yes. A friend called into a radio show called “Loveline,” pretending to be me. He said I would get spontaneously [aroused] in class. [Laughs.]

Did Tony and Gwen’s secret romance stir up any drama within the band?
Tony: There were probably suspicions about us. My bandmates knew [we were dating], but it was an unspoken thing. I don’t think the band came close to breaking up over that, though. If you watch our “Don’t Speak” video, we played into some of those rumors. We kind of embraced it.

What’s on the rumor mill lately?
Gwen: People just care about me having babies now. When I see pictures of myself in magazines, I’m always pregnant. So now when I see another celebrity pregnant in the tabloids, I’m like, ‘thank God I’m not.’ [Laughs.]

The tabloids say your husband, rocker Gavin Rossdale, disapproves of you touring so soon after giving birth.
Gwen: That’s totally wrong. Gavin’s always supported me. We’ll both be on tour, but we’ll work it out. We’ll fly back and forth and find each other.

Is there any celebrity gossip that you follow?
Gwen: I like seeing pictures of Suri [Tom Cruise’s daughter]. She’s so cute! It’s just weird when your own child [is in tabloids]. It feels like someone should get some sort of permission slip from you. ”

Tom has updated his guitar blog with details of his touring gear.

American Idol

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

Hello! I just added a video of No Doubt performing Just A Girl, and interview on American Idol. It’s in SVCD format; same quality as the Today Show videos. They are a little pixellated, and apparently it wasn’t my editing that caused it on the Today Show videos-because the American Idol video looks the same and I didn’t edit it.
My new capture device will capture in either SVCD or DVD format. When it captures in DVD format, it looks better. But I’m still using my fiancee’s PC, and I don’t have software on it to work with DVD files-so had to capture in SVCD.
As soon as my computer is up and running again, I’ll re-upload them in better quality. :)

tour photos, MTV video

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

Hello! I added a few more news photos from the May 2 and 3 shows to the gallery.
MTV has a new article up with a video which includes more of their RAW interview, and some footage from the Today show.

Gossip Girl preview, Bamboozle

Monday, May 4th, 2009

Gwen Stefani at BamboozleHello! has posted a preview video of No Doubt on Gossip Girl. Looks pretty rad!
Rolling Stone has a review up of last night’s Bamboozle show. They played “Guns of Navarone” again. I hope they don’t “wear it out”, and stop playing it before my show in June! I really want to see them do it!! Such a fun, classic song!
Jenny has been posting videos that people are sending her from the shows. They played “Stand And Deliver” last night, and she’s got a couple videos of that performance!

May 2 show stuff

Sunday, May 3rd, 2009

Hello! I added a few photos from last night’s show to the gallery.
There’s a great review of the show on I love that they covered “Guns of Navarone”! Can’t wait to hear it!! I’m going to the show in MA, and June just isn’t coming fast enough!

gallery update

Saturday, May 2nd, 2009

Hello! I’ve added some news photos from the Today show to the gallery. Also, I received the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly magazine in the mail today, and there’s an article about Gossip Girl in it; including a photo of Gwen from the show. I scanned that, and added it as well.

Today Show videos

Saturday, May 2nd, 2009

Hello! Bet you thought that I forgot about my duties hehe. I’ve just uploaded videos from the Today show to the video section. I would have uploaded them earlier, but I had to work, and then go to a little league game. THEN-I had to go buy equipment so I could capture the videos! I’m currently without a computer, as my motherboard fried. I had gotten rid of my capture card a while ago, as it didn’t work right.
So I went out today and bought a new capture device, and hijacked my fiancee’s laptop so I could get these videos up lol. I’ve been stressing about it all day. I’m a nerd, I know.
They are in mpg 2 SVCD format. The quality of the finished product isn’t perfect-they’re a little blocky at different points. The new capture device works pretty sweet; I think I messed up the quality when I was cutting out commercials, etc. But, it’s now 12:30 AM and I’m pretty tired, so I’ve uploaded them. They’re not that bad, just not what I’d hoped to be uploading. But, new capture device, foreign computer, etc…..
I think that when I get a moment, I’ll just upload them in full DVD format.

Goodnight sweeties!
And yay for No Doubt being on TV and on tour again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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