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From the official mailing list:

“Hey Guys…thinking a lot about you!  We are baking up one of the most delicious records…your ears will hardly be able to take it…it will be so pleasurable!

It’s been so fun being together everyday.  We started writing at Tony’s studio in his house.  We just moved to a real studio in the Valley and it makes it all feel like it’s finally happening.  We’re recording the first batch of songs that we wrote now and after this we’re gonna go right back in and write some more.

Wouldn’t have gotten to this point without all of you coming out to see us on the Summer Tour.  You are so inspiring!  Gonna tweet you pictures and keep you updated.  We need your vibes!  Check out some more news down below…

Gwen & My Boys (the No Doubt ones)”

Tim Armstrong (whom I love) just released some artwork for sale featuring Gwen.  From

“Gwen Stefani has been given a make-over by punk legend Tim Armstrong.

Although, fashion icon Stefani doesn’t need any help in the style department so this new look is strictly on canvas.

Armstrong is best known for his work in Operation Ivy, Rancid and the Transplants and artwork has been a private endeavor for decades. But now the side-project has developed into a full body of work.

Armstrong has released 50 artist proof prints, each hand painted using various mediums. Prints will be shipped randomly to customers who cannot choose specific prints, nor may they be exchanged for others.

This Gwen Stefani print was originally a photo taken by Tim and then transformed into a stencil resulting in a screen-printed image of Gwen.

The work can be viewed at

No Doubt has been tweeting up a storm again:

  1. “Yes I am recording guitar tracks Saturday morning on this fine holiday weekend. Nowhere else i’d rather be! Have a great one folks. -Tomabout 1 hour ago via Twitter for iPhone
  2. Right now in the studio. Friday night everyone! 18 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone
  3. At the studio writing lyrics to a new ND song I am addicted to! Please send me your vibes want to finish this tonight :) Gwen xabout 18 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone
  4. happy birthday eric keyes! your birthday is in 45 minutes! love – no doubt11:16 PM May 27th via web
  5. To be clear: we’re in studio mode these days- NOT playing the weenie roast, just going to hang and hear some friends play :-) Tom6:36 PM May 26th via Twitter for iPhone
  6. @yelyahwilliams can’t wait to see you guys at the weenie roast! – tony5:46 PM May 26th via web
  7. Gwen in the studio today. PM May 25th via Twitter for iPhone
  8. driving ventura blvd listening to new no doubt – really?? this is really happening?? yum doesn’t get better than this – gwen x5:24 PM May 25th via web
  9. This studio stuff is getting serious. -Tom PM May 25th via Twitter for iPhone
  10. Adrian is beating skins with wooden sticks right now. PM May 25th via Twitter for iPhone
  11. Our charity auction goes live June 1st. Tour costumes, collectible vinyl, guitars & more. PM May 25th via web
  12. Tony Kanal in the studio right now. Out of picture Gwen, Adrian and I are all getting sleepy but digging it. -Tom PM May 24th via Twitter for iPhone
  13. Check out this campaign from (RED). Gwen is in it. It’s about the power of 40cents. #lazaruseffect @joinred PM May 24th via web
  14. Back in the studio again this week, the vibe here reminds me of recording sessions for TK and ROS and Rock Steady. Good times! -Tom1:54 PM May 24th via Twitter for iPhone
  15. just cracked the code on a chorus that has been eluding us for days! feels good!!!! – tony12:13 AM May 21st via web”

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